Thriving in the Crosscurrent:

Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change

Supporting Evidence:
Seven Signposts of
the 21st Century


We're experiencing unprecedented levels of public outrage and grief over the oil spill.


Our global ambassador is a woman—one who came very close to being elected president of the United States.


An African-American man sits in the Oval Office.


Social and economic justice and human rights have become the most significant themes in the modern global conversation.


War is no longer “inevitable.”


Yes, there’s a rise in religious fundamentalism…but it’s a classic “eddy” that hides the huge progress we’re making in the other direction.


We’re globalizing from the bottom up.


We’re globalizing from the bottom up. Most people are familiar with “top-down” globalization, with its destructive effects on local economies and cultural homogenization. Yet we’re also beginning to witness globalization from the bottom up, as I argue in the book. This movement brings activists, experts, and local communities together with intergovernmental agencies (UN, WTO, and so forth) to craft real alternatives to balance the “McDonald’s-ization” of the world.

All over the developing world, nongovernmental groups, individual activists, and intergovernmental agencies are working to create new options for the poor and a wide range of alternatives to Northern economic and cultural domination. Empowered by Internet-based communications, the new globalization shares resources and problem-solving techniques and creates new partnerships between individuals and groups that can work closely together without frequent and costly face-to-face meetings.

Order Thriving in
the Crosscurrent

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