Thriving in the Crosscurrent:

Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change

Action Guide

Reorient Yourself to a Changing World.

Learning the language of cultural evolutionary sea change is essential for several reasons.

Educate Yourself.

Learn as much as you can about one or more emerging new wave concerns.

Engage Others. all comes together when we share new information and understanding...

Do Your Part to Change the World.

Understand the difference between events you can’t change (like the Gulf disaster) and creative responses you can support or join in.

Engage Others.

7. Learning is only part of the process; it all comes
    together when we share new information and
    understanding with family, friends, colleagues,
    and others. “Learn and share” is the mantra of the
    sea change agent. At every stage of your growing
    understanding, concern, and commitment, make
    sure you bring along at least one other person.
    Learning and sharing deepens confidence, provides
    confirmation, and generates the energy to take the
    next step.

8. Become a voice of clarity: Learn and share cutting-
    edge information about the 21st century sea change.
    Become a source of hope: Seek out and share
    evidence of values and behaviors that are really
    changing for the better.

  • Learn what to watch and pass it on.
  • Become an amateur expert in one area of new wave value shift (identify, absorb, pass it on).
  • Join the “Sea Change Blog Discussion” (underway by October 1, 2010, at

Recruit a partner or two or three...or open up a
    network to share information, inspiration, and
    ideas for cooperative common action.

  • Use your Facebook or Twitter account to build a conversation. Watch it grow into a network.

Draw on your developing social network to
      create a modest action group, whose members
      might resolve to take and share one exemplary
      step each month. For example:

  • Volunteer in a neighborhood cleanup.
  • Work in a food pantry.
  • Start a letter-writing campaign for human rights.

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