Thriving in the Crosscurrent:

Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change


Eddy Type #1:

Cultural Confusion
What’s happening in my world? I don’t understand it anymore!

Eddy Type #2:

Identity Crisis
Who am I? What does it mean to be me in this crazily spinning world?

Eddy Type #3

Threats to Wealth and Power
It’s all ours. We won’t give up our riches or our control!

Four Deadly Spins:

The Worst of the Worst

Eddy Type #1:

Cultural Confusion

“What’s happening in my world? I don’t understand it anymore!”

  • Incivility (from road rage to classroom chaos to a perceived decline in interpersonal respect)

  • Relativism, apathy, anomie (“There is no truth, just opinion. Your ideas are no better or worse than mine. Nothing matters. I don’t owe anybody anything. Your problems don’t concern me.”)

  • Sense of moral decay (the widely shared, but largely incorrect, view that our cultural morals are in decline)

  • “Truthiness” instead of truth (“spinning” in the eddy)
  • Pseudo-science (“Evolution is only a theory. Global climate change is a scientific hoax.”)

  • Pseudo-history (“Thomas Jefferson didn’t really believe in the separation of church and state.”)

Order Thriving in
the Crosscurrent

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