Thriving in the Crosscurrent:

Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change


Eddy Type #1:

Cultural Confusion
What’s happening in my world? I don’t understand it anymore!

Eddy Type #2:

Identity Crisis
Who am I? What does it mean to be me in this crazily spinning world?

Eddy Type #3

Threats to Wealth and Power
It’s all ours. We won’t give up our riches or our control!

Four Deadly Spins:

The Worst of the Worst

Four Deadly Spins:

The Worst of the Worst


In a sea change, new swirls of resistance arise and dissipate ceaselessly. Most are relatively harmless. Some pose more serious threats to the disoriented. Still others are powerful enough to generate widespread cultural turbulence, entrapping those who stray within reach. Of these more virulent surges, there are four that are particularly troubling.


These four are the worst of the eddies. Each is a powerfully dangerous way to harness cultural confusion and identity crisis. The first two are ideologies, or inflexible patterns of belief. The latter two are oligarchies, or concentrations of power in the hands of the destructive few.


They are:

1. Fundamentalism (“My truth makes your beliefs
    irrelevant and even diabolical.”)

2. Fascism (ultranationalist populism that seeks
    to return to an imagined past)

3. Globalizing Greed (the unbridled self-entitlement of
    the “buccaneers”; manipulators of the “free market”;
    eco-abusers; the worst of the Wall Streeters)

4. Unbridled Hegemony (the arrogant tyranny of the
    would-be dominators, from the neo-imperialists to
    the regional tyrants to the manipulators of terrorists)


Just remember, eddies are not part of the new wave. They are patterns of resistance to the decline of older values and the rise of newer ones. Yes, they’re dangerous—sometimes extremely so. But they are also temporary. That knowledge provides a reassuring context and allows you to weather the 21st century sea change with strength and grace.

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the Crosscurrent

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